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Kreon modular ceilings aim to materialise simplicity, unity and functionality within its design.

Simplicity must not be the result of an uncritical reduction. Instead, it should be the convergence and synthesis of the complex requirements imposed on ceiling solutions by contemporary architecture. Taking its cue from this concept,  Kreon ceiling solutions do more than just span a room. It offers a unique solution for the integration of building service systems that need to be accommodated in the ceiling lighting, ventilation, cooling, heating, fire protection and much more. Kreon’s most pursued objective is to offer unity in design translated through technical solutions.

Design that gives prominence to simplicity, permanence and calmness requires precision so s not to become trivial. The more one condenses, omits and simplifies, the more the significance of the detail is increased. Unity and simplicity of details are the very ones to concur to great architecture.


The Vektron Clip-in system:

Consist of a concealed supporting structure to which demountable tiles can be clipped. When the clip-in system is mounted, a shadow joint with a width of 6mm and a depth of 8mm is created accentuating the grid pattern and generating a unique design, Through the combination of the clip-in profile and specially developed connectors on the tile, a perfect levelling is

ensured. Tiles of the clip-in system can be singularly and effortlessly removed, which simplifies eventual functional adaptors of space.

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clip in 2

Kreon Bandraster System:

In addition to the clip-in system, Kreon now also offers a bandraster system. This system enables the tiles to be hooked into a profile grid. All tiles are custom-made, which ensures a seamless marriage between the ceiling soluton and the interior design. The tiles are compatible with our entire range of intergrated techniques and luminaires.


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vektron tenno

Kreon Tenno System:

Merging light and space LED developments are driven by miniaturisation and performance increase. In order to maximise these benefits, innovative lighting solutions that can control intensity and temperature are required. The use of LED technology within Kreon ceiling system enables the possibility to increase lighting areas assuring improvement in light output and uniformity. Precision optical control and positioning of single LED sources were developed in partnership Bartenbach Lichtlabor. Tenno has all lighting components concealed in the tile. There is no conflict between architecture and luminaire as the two merge together to form an unique entity. Light and space issues are equally being given proper answers.


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